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Actuarial Function Holder & Model Validation Coordinator


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Description of the position

Work within the Risk Management Department of TATV as the Actuarial Function Holder and the Internal Model Validation Coordinator.

Actuarial Function Holder

The responsibilities of the actuarial function include the tasks imposed by Solvency II, the Belgian Law on supervision of insurance or reinsurance undertakings and the governance circular of the National Bank of Belgium. The activities of the Actuarial Function Holder involve:

  • Coordinate of the calculation of technical provisions
  • Ensure the appropriateness of the methodologies, underlying models and assumptions used in the calculation of technical provisions
  • Assess the adequacy and quality of the data used in the calculation of technical provisions
  • Compare the Best Estimate to empirical observations
  • Report to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee on the reliability and adequacy of the calculation of technical provisions
  • Issue an opinion on the overall underwriting policy
  • Issue an opinion on the adequacy of the reinsurance arrangements
  • Contribute to the effective implementation of the risk management system, particularly with respect to modeling the risks covered by the calculation of capital requirements
  • Draw up an annual report in accordance with the Group's required governance; this report will provide an opinion on TATV’s underwriting policy, the adequacy of technical provisions (both quantitative and methodological) and the reinsurance structure

In order to ensure that there is no conflict of interest, the holder of the actuarial function has:

  • A functional reporting line to the CRO;
  • The right to appeal to the Management Committee;
  • Unrestricted access to the Board of Directors, via the Audit & Risk Committee, if necessary;
  • The right to access any relevant information necessary to carry out his/her duties, within the limits of what is legally authorized; and
  • The possibility to communicate on his/her own initiative with all employees of the company.

Model Validation Coordinator

The Validation Coordinator supports the CRO in ensuring that all implications of the validation results of the Internal Model of TATV are considered appropriately:

  • Ensuring that the inventory of the tests to be performed/tests performed and the related documentation are complete and in line with AXA Group minimum requirements and that the independent reviews have been completed on the planned areas (incl. external auditors review) in due time,
  • Ensuring that recommendations from the independent reviewers and/or supervisory authorities are followed-up and that remediation plans are developed and agreed. Problems identified in this follow-up are escalated to the CRO and an annual reporting on the follow-up of IM observations is provided to the Executive Risk Committee,
  • Ensuring that any relevant validation activity not performed (along with associated reasons and consequences) is reported to the CRO and the most important one are commented in the validation report,
  • Coordinating the preparation of the Validation Report in the pre-defined agenda,
  • Coordinating the review of the local validation policy to ensure alignment with the provisions of the Group validation policy and to reflect actual local validation processes
  • Proposing enhancement to the validation framework (including test plans) based on its activities and the conclusions of independent review teams


  • Holder of a Master in Actuarial Science or an equivalent degree
  • More than 4 years’ experience in Non-Life Insurance
  • Knowledge of Solvency II and Risk Management is required
  • Critical mind set
  • Synthesis, analysis and communication skills,
  • Dutch or French speaking, with an advanced knowledge of oral and written English

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